Cloud-based solutions have enabled businesses of all sizes to drive performance improvements and maximize its organizational efficiencies through higher accessibility and increased flexibility. However it also raises security concerns with its potential for exposing systems, applications and data to corruption, deletion, cyber attacks and theft. It is therefore essential to have the right cloud security plans in place to minimize the risk of losing critical data and maintain operational availability.

What is cloud computing security?

Cloud computing security is a set of controls, policies, procedures and technologies that are optimally configured in a cloud computing environment to protect critical information and support regulatory compliance as well as customer privacy. It addresses both the physical and the virtual issues across the various service models of software, platform and infrastructure.

Some of its key benefits include

  • Businesses can operate at scale and still remain secure
  • Protects sensitive business information and transactions
  • Helps maintain compliance requirements
  • Maintains operational availability

Having a comprehensive plan in place can ensure your business is protected in a cloud environment. At ISIT solutions, we use a combination of virtual security features with physical infrastructure to provide you with a broad range of secure solutions to meet your cloud computing security requirements. We provide security solutions on all aspects related to a cloud environment from cloud architecture, identity and access management to data protection, in short everything that are needed to adequately safeguard your business’s critical information.

Our areas of expertise in cloud computing security includes:

  • Threat protection
  • Protection of cloud apps and data
  • Detection of malicious activities through analysis of event logs
  • Deploying corrective measures upon detection of threat
  • Continuous cloud security monitoring
  • Maintaining regulatory compliance
  • 24/7 support

Upon deployment, our security solutions keeps your business data safe, secure and accessible, minimizes operational disruptions, reduces risk across attack surfaces and safeguards the systems from known and emerging threats.
Drive your business forward by ensuring a safe and secure cloud infrastructure with ISIT cloud computing security solutions.
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