Zero Trust Security is a network model with strict identity verification procedures. This is the ideal security model for those organizations who are looking to protect their resources from the advanced cyber-attacks and data leakages. With zero trust security enabled, the framework will make sure that only authenticated and authorized users are accessing your private network resources. What makes Zero Trust Security model robust is this is not based on a single technology; it has integrated many different technologies and principles.

Traditional networks are secure when a hacker train to gain access from outside the network, but it trusts everything inside the network. Which opens the opportunity for the attackers, once the attacker gains access then they have access all over the network. This is where Zero trust security architecture becomes different, no one inside or outside the network are trusted by default. Verification is mandatory for all devices connected in the network thus protects data breaches.

Why ISIT for Zero Adaptive Trust

Adaptive access: Maintain control over who can access your clouds.

Cloud visibility and analytics: In-depth analytics report for cloud activities and traffics.

Keep cloud data safe: We use consistent security policies and data protection to make sure your cloud data protected.