Disaster Recovery-as-a-Service (DRaaS Solution) has become an inevitable part of the cloud-based solutions. When compared to traditional Disaster Recovery (DR) methodologies DRaaS is fast and flexible. The policy behind DRaaS is very simple – disaster recovery shouldn’t cost a fortune. Every company deserves rapid failover without all the hardware and complexity.

Advantages of DRaaS

  • With DRaaS, the time to return applications to production is reduced because data does not need to be restored over the internet.
  • DRaaS can be very much useful for small and medium-sized businesses, that does not possess the necessary expertise to provision, configure and check an effective disaster recovery plan.
  • Using DRaaS ensures that the organization doesn’t have to invest in and maintain its own off-site DR environment.

ISIT defines DRaaS, by offering it as part of a comprehensive availability strategy, providing a consistent user experience and reducing the overall cost to protect your data. ISIT delivers affordable and efficient DRaaS. It comes with simple, straightforward licensing and pricing. Get our DRaaS for the workload of any complexity, it’s efficient, cost-effective and storage, application and OS-agnostic.