Infrastructure as a service (IaaS) is one of the four categories of cloud computing services. IaaS is a cloud computing method that provides virtualized computing resources over the internet. IaaS service provides other infrastructure components including monitoring, security, detailed billing, log access, load balancing and clustering, alongside storage resiliency such as replication, backup and recovery.

IaaS customers can access resources and services through the internet, and can use ISIT’s services to install the remaining elements of an application stack including creating virtual machines, install operating systems in each VM, deploy middleware such as databases, creating storage buckets for workloads and backups, and install the enterprise workload into that VM. We provide monitor performance, balance network traffic, track costs, troubleshoot application issues, manage disaster recovery services to our IaaS customers.

Organizations can rely on IaaS because it is easy to use, faster and more cost-efficient to operate a workload without having to buy, manage and support the underlying infrastructure. A business can simply rent or lease that infrastructure from another business, using IaaS.

IaaS is the apt cloud computing model for temporary, experimental or rapidly changing workloads. Using IaaS will be ideal for the business developing a new software product because it might be more cost-effective to host and test the application using an IaaS provider. After a new build of the software is tested and fixed the issues, the business can remove it from the IaaS environment to more traditional in-house deployment.