Data is everything in modern-day business. The ability to deal efficiently with high data traffic is critical in deciding the success of the business. It has become essential for companies in digital transformation to develop a stringent digital strategy with regard to the storage, processing and distribution of data. In order to meet the data storage and its traffic, many companies spend much more money on data storage infrastructure and its associated expenses than they have to. The use of Storage as a Solution (SaaS) can be helpful in saving investment in data centre infrastructure, power, hardware and software, as well as running costs for maintenance. Depending on the customer’s requirements, data can be stored physically at one or more locations. Using SaaS, the security and availability of an enterprise storage system in combination with volume and geographic scalability. The advantages of SaaS are numerous.

  • No expensive investments in IT infrastructure are needed
  • No jump fix costs
  • SaaS is flexible and scalable
  • No vendor lock-in
  • Enterprise storage feature set for replication or migrations
  • Different storage technologies and performance classes (Pure Flash, SSD, SAS, SATA) are available
  • Pay-per-use model, where only the volume is calculated