Advancements in cyberworld offer boundless opportunities for the organization of all size around the globe. Despite all the benefits of technological advancements in the cyber world, it has its own unique challenges. To overcome these challenges and vulnerabilities organizations need agile security solutions that combine the power of an analytics-driven platform while unlocking the benefits of artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning (ML). AI can be extremely helpful with cybersecurity analytics and security analytics. The effectiveness of cybersecurity analytics can also be greatly enhanced by the usage of AI knowledge graphs. AI knowledge graphs can be useful in collecting the boundless amount of data being produced. Knowledge graphs also help to define the most important security trends and relationships for an organization. This can allow more active predictive analytics to help avoid major security issues prior to disclosure. In projects such as behavioral analysis, machine learning has also shown interest in cybersecurity analytics.

Benefits of AI & Analytics-Driven Security

  • More visual analytics process
  • A more holistic view of security considerations
  • Enhanced data enrichment capacity
  • Aiding IT departments
  • Utilizing ignored data sources