Zero Data Footprint is the process of removing or reducing the data footprint which prevents hackers from accessing your sensitive information and data trail that was left behind.

How do we leave digital traces?

It’s an era where internet is an inevitable part, we browse the internet on a daily basis – accessing websites, chatting with Whatsapp, tweeting on twitter, sharing photos on Instagram, commenting under YouTube videos and of course sharing posts & locations over Facebook. When we do all these things knowingly or unknowingly, we are leaving digital traces. No matter we are using our own personal gadgets all our actions over the internet is closely monitored or recorded. Sometimes we give permission to collect our data by accepting the terms of use, some other time our IP address and our browsing habits are collected while we visit a website. Through all these activities we leave digital traces which result in the creation of our digital footprint or digital shadow.

Why Digital Footprint can be the trouble?

We use digital services through different networks. When our digital footprint is there in the network it can cause trouble. In a network, before the data reaches its destination it travels through multiple servers. What makes it vulnerable is all these third-party actors can have access to our digital footprints in the transit or a hacker breach into the network can easily make use of our digital footprints. Anyone can potentially have access to our digital shadow – including communications service providers, law enforcement agencies and companies, as well as groups and individuals running their own servers.

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