Datacenter networking is the process of establishing and interconnecting the entire physical and network-based devices and equipment within a data centre facility. The purpose of modern data centre networking is all about accommodating multiple data centre tenants with workloads. The coordinated work between servers and clients in a network creates the workflow that requires data centre networking between resources. Data is exchanged between servers and clients, though there is no central overseer of such exchanges in modern data centres.

Here, we have a digital connection between datacenter infrastructure nodes and equipment to ensure that they can communicate and transfer data between each other and on an external network or the Internet.

Datacenter networking creates a network infrastructure that is:

  • Secure, stable and reliable
  • In line with the industry regulations and meets the organization and user’s needs
  • Supports networking requirements for modern technologies such as cloud computing and virtualization
  • Scalable and can easily meet the requirements of network communications in peak usage