The lack of predictable performance of legacy storage infrastructure in shared multi-tenant environments presents a significant barrier to delivering business-critical applications. We understand the business needs and IT needs to adapt according critical applications. To meet the demanding performance we adapt the Solid State Technology,which has re-written the rules for storage. Our solutions enables us to provide tiered disk systems, large cache based storage systems and all the flash arrays (flash array’s in the existing hardware or in a completely separate array for merely increasing the performance).

We partner with best of the breed vendors in this zone to offer solutions to a wide range of workloads. While the most popular Flash Array solutions come from well known vendors, ISIT team plays a consultative role in helping the administrators decide what best suits the environment and meets the performance requirements without hot spots on the disk arrays .

Top reasons to select Hybrid or All flash Arrays

Hybrid Array : All Flash Array :
Unpredictable workload characteristics Guaranteed QoS required
Environment is evolving Sub-millisecond response time required
Performance is needed but Cost is a major challenge Performance is the priority.