Virtual Desktop Infrastructure (VDI) Solutions

ISIT VDI solutions combine desktop and application virtualization. As more and more companies adopt remote work, securely connecting to the corporate systems and data is of prime importance. Increasingly, organizations are outsourcing their IT functions such as applications development. The challenge is to utilize outsourcing while also protecting corporate IT resources. The VDI solution enables desktops and applications to be delivered to end users over any network from anywhere in the world, giving employees and outsourced workers flexibility to work from anywhere while having secure access to their applications and data. The endpoints can be PCs, Tablets or Thin-client terminals.

The solution offers several benefits:

  • Makes it easier for companies to safely utilize outsourcing
  • Helps companies achieve greater level of security by not running fully loaded desktop on local device
  • VDI environment can be centrally controlled from datacenter including patch management and updates
  • Strict authentication policies can be enforced
  • Data never leaves the datacenter
  • IT has full control over application, troubleshooting and upgrades
  • User productivity of remote workforce is enhanced due to geographic independence